Career Solutions at New Horizons Columbus

Are you ready to take your career to the next level and explore new opportunities?

New Horizons Columbus has a plethora of career training options to expand your skill set and provide you with necessary guidance, training and certification to take you to the next level of your career. This is just a start of the hottest job opportunities available to you. New Horizons can help you get the experience you need to be confident in your application and interview process, with certified industry partners and the BEST instructors in the IT field.

You have multiple training options to fit your schedule and lifestyle: Online LIVE (take LIVE training from anywhere you want!), Instructor-Led training, Connected Classroom, Online ANYTIME, Power Hour, NH GoNOW. New Horizons also has many funding opportunities. Let's get you started today!

Find out more about our career solutions below. Call us at 614-798-1000, email, or chat with us live with any questions! We are here to guide you now.

IT Manager

IT Manager Training

Learn what an IT Manager does and the required education and/or certification needed to become one. Find courses now & upgrade your skills!

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Web Developer

Web Developer Training

See what a web developer does and the different types of development. Learn what skills you need to become a web developer.

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Database Administrator

Database Administrator Training

Get the skills needed to be a Database Administrator with training from New Horizons Atlanta. Learn more about becoming a Database Administrator now.

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Mobile Application Developer

Mobile Application Developer Training

Learn what a mobile application developer does and the key skills needed to become one. Enroll today & advance your career!

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Project Manager

Project Manager Training

Learn more about what a project manager does & required education and/or certification needed to become one. Register now & upgrade your career!

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Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Training

What is a graphic designer? Learn about required education or certification offered at New Horizons Columbus and how to become a graphic designer.

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Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst Training

Learn what an Information Security Analyst does and what a typical day of one looks like. See required education & certification needed to get started.

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